Ethereum ICO: long story short

Ethereum was introduced in November 2013 by VitalikButerin, the creator of the project. Two months later the project had a growing number of contributors, eight co-founders and thousands of supporters of all kinds.  That was more than enough to start crowdfunding campaign by selling ether. We do not know for sure if the participants of the Ethereum crowd sale expected the project to rise, but now we can see that they have made a good choice.

Few people know, but before starting a crowdsale, Ethereum se up an official shop. The crowdsale itself started on September 2nd. It just so happened that there was no cap, thus you could buy as much tokens as you wish. The project team could also take part in the sale. Each token costed approximately $0.30 per ether. All in all nearly 60 million ether were sold during the crowdsale. That is impressive.

Apart from that enormous sum, there were some pre mined tokens, another 12 million coins, to be particularly correct. 3 million from that amount went for Ethereum Foundation. Six million ether were shared among 85 project contributors. The remaining 3 millionsare made a part of so called “developer purchase program” that granted the right to purchase ether at crowdsale prices to 50 people who worked at the Ethereum Foundation between September 2014 through March 2015.

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