Real Token ICO

Real is a project that emphasises on real estate investments through smart-contracts assisted crowdfunding platform. This is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch out for that is appealing due to its concept of providing global real estate access. There are so many advantages that can be observed from such a system such as:


1. Global reach for investments in real estate scenario

2. Facilitates a system that increases market liquidity

3. The barriers of entry for investors and other participants is lower


Real is one of the projects which have been taking the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain at a global level. These are ideas that connect people and needs at an efficiency of first class quality.

When you wonder about what is an ICO in cryptocurrency, you must be updated with the happenings of the field. ICO initiates the process of raising money for a company and unless you are aware about the companies that exist, you cannot get involved in their sales. ICO usually facilitates sale of new currency at a discount. With proper research, you can make profits just the way stock investment takes place in the traditional economic market.

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