Many people use ICO for their different purpose. There are different lists and news released frequently which rates the ICOs and makes the customers to understand the top ICOs. Some of the ICOs that tops the list are,





There are still many more that tops the list. Ethereum is always considered as one of the best ICOs. This is because it is easy to create an ICO Ethereum. It is best because it is user friendly. In order to launch an ICO on Ethereum one needs to have certain components. They are Ethereum address, some Ethereum, a text editor and a solidity contract. Then they have to create their own account in MyEtherWallet. Then you need to get proper and a smart contract. This should be opened in the text editor that you have downloaded. While creating the ether wallet you need to be careful and proper authentication should be done with strong password. Once you open the contract in editor, you can understand it by reading the comment section. Understanding the same you can edit that and create your own application. This is how creation and further process works.

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