Upcoming cryptocurrency

The following year is going to experience competition between the already existing cryptocurrencies. There are approximately 1500 cryptocurrencies that have been listed for exchanges. The list of all cryptocurrencies has been observing unique and competitive additions since the boom of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Few of the coins to look out for are discussed below:


1. Iota

Iota provides a recording system for the transactions that take place between machines present in the Internet of Things (IOT).

2. Skycoin

Skycoin uses the technology of Obelisk consensus algorithm to provide a system of decentralized internet.

3. Elastos

Elastos aims to facilitates users direct access to online content without needing an intermediatory platform. It uses blockchain technology to provide IDs to clarify ownership of digital assets.


There are other coins that are smaller and of specialized nature:

1. Enjin

2. Elixir

3. VeChain

4. BNB

5. Qash


Bitcoin and Ethereum, being the most well-known cryptocurrencies will probably stay in the top 10 list. Lots of new coins support the protocol system of Ethereum token as it can be seen in the news. The future of the economy is heading towards a highly competitive field where there is so much scope for new start-ups and development.

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